Payments for Long-Duration Incidents Project update

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Incident Capability and Payments Alignment (ICPA) Project update

Thank you to the 2300+ volunteers who responded to the recent ICPA project survey on future-state models for how Fire and Emergency delivers its services in complex and long-duration environments. This is a significant level of engagement and reflects the importance of this project to our members. In addition to the survey, the project also engaged with around 100 individuals across Fire and Emergency and the wider sector to help inform this future state. 

This engagement returned some clear and strongly aligned insight. The project is currently working through this and plans to make these findings available in the coming weeks. We will keep you updated.

Informed by this feedback, the project is currently working through the design of an interim solution that Fire and Emergency aims to have in place this summer. Once this is further refined, the project team will open up consultation with personnel and Unions and Associations. The UFBA has been closely engaged in the design of this solution and we look forward to input from our members.

The UFBA is working collaboratively with Fire and Emergency to ensure our members have their voice represented – this includes formal representation on the project Steering Committee and Tactical Advisory Group. The Steering Committee met for the second time last week and the UFBA was given an opportunity to understand in detail what progress has been made so far, and to inform the future direction of travel. We remain confident the project is moving efficiently in the right direction and we look forward to working closely with Fire and Emergency on this very important project.