We’re working with FENZ to make positive changes to Volunteer training

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The UFBA’s approach to driving positive change is to work collaboratively with the decision-makers. Having good working relationships with relevant Ministers and Fire and Emergency allows us to achieve better results for the membership, and we understand the public perception that we forfeit by not inflating situations in the media.

However, this approach has benefitted us and our members in many ways - for example, yesterday UFBA CEO Bill Butzbach met with the FENZ National Training Manager to discuss training issues and set out our expectations.

We are pleased to advise members that FENZ is committed to working with the UFBA to address all the recommendations in the recent External Evaluation and Review.

We have been assured that this is a priority for FENZ and by working with the UFBA, together we will find solutions for gaps in the training system. This includes a focus on the volunteer recruit and QFF courses, and the 26 rural qualifications with unit standards.

Next week, Bill is meeting with the FENZ Executive Leadership Team, where he expects to continue this conversation and initiate a plan to support FENZ in delivering results. We will give members a further update after then.

Shortly, the UFBA Membership Advisory Panel (MAP) will also be calling for members to join the UFBA Training Standards Working Group, so we can provide FENZ with accurate, measured and trusted advice. This is how we make positive changes for our members.

In the meantime, our voice is stronger with member's feedback. If you would like to provide us with your thoughts or pre-submit your interest for this working group, please email connect@ufba.org.nz.

Kia kaha, kia Kotahi ra
Our strength is our unity