Training for specialist water response

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We would like to thank the membership for their messages overnight and acknowledge that while we allow comments on some of our posts, our policy remains to turn comments off, and we are constantly reviewing this. We welcome constructive comments to be directed to us through our other channels, such as email and private message.

Following our post about the training for specialist water response, the UFBA CE has spoken with FENZ National Commander to express our disappointment in the discriminatory behaviour of the NZPFU and the consequential lost opportunities for our volunteer members.

As New Zealand experiences more weather-related events, the UFBA acknowledges that specialist water rescue skills will be required for firefighters to ensure they can safely carry out their emergency service duties.

We are pleased to see Russell Wood’s update last night which said

“It is important that you all receive training that supports your role within Fire and Emergency and the communities you serve. You all have received training before attending your first callout and, just like any other job, you will be asked to undergo specialist training (e.g. medical response, line rescue, USAR Cat 1 etc) depending on the risks your communities face.

The specialist water rescue training happening this week is no exception. Some of you, volunteer and career, will undergo this training depending on the risks in your communities. We are one organisation and we bring you together for this because we are all facing similar risks and can learn from each other as we go. We do not support the stance being taken on this by others.”

We will continue to work with FENZ to ensure the training is available to all firefighters who face this risk and keep members updated.

The UFBA equally values the expertise, skills and commitment to NZ’s communities from all our members.