UFBA Reps Required for FENZ Eke Taumata Advisory Group

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We are seeking expressions of interest from UFBA members to be part of the FENZ Eke Taumata Advisory Group. It’s very important that there is a strong volunteer voice in this group, as many aspects will affect volunteers. We encourage you to be involved and stay up to date on this extremely important project.

About the Advisory Group:

The Eke Taumata Internal Advisory Group will provide advice, guidance, and direction to the programme of work to give effect to the recommendations of the Te Kawa Mataaho/Public Service Commission review into FENZ’s workplace culture and complaints handling processes, excluding those that are the responsibility of the Department of Internal Affairs.

The report made 20 recommendations to be implemented that have been accepted by the FENZ Board, which cover a broad range of areas including, but not limited to:

  • Clear performance expectations for all leaders at every level within FENZ
  • Enhancing workplace culture
  • Five Year Terms for Chief Fire Officers
  • Revision of the Volunteer Executive Officer course
  • A single Code of Conduct for all FENZ Personnel
  • A “zero-tolerance” policy for bullying and harassment
  • Removal of volunteers found to have committed serious misconduct
  • Criminal conviction vetting
  • Stand down of personnel charged with criminal offending
  • Safeguarding the wellbeing and safety of complainants
  • Workforce diversity reflecting the general population within 10 years
  • Selection and Promotion Criteria for Leaders
  • Training for Leaders

Collectively, this work is focused on providing a safe, positive, and inclusive work environment for all FENZ personnel. 

Click here for more information about Eke Taumata - https://portal.fireandemergency.nz/projects-and-programmes/eke-taumata/ (no login required)

UFBA representative experience/requirements

Members who wish to be considered as a rep for this advisory group must:


The advisory group will meet approximately every two months, for a maximum of two days, to provide input, advice, and guidance as the work progresses.  There may also be the need to review and provide feedback on work outside of these meetings, but it is not expected to be any more than four hours a month, most likely less, of your time. 

UFBA representatives are required to provide regular post-meeting updates to the UFBA, to help us keep our membership updated.


Please complete the below expression of interest form and send it to Jane Davie – jane@ufba.org.nz, by COB Thursday 23 November.