Type 3 Appliance Acquisition Working Group

Current status - Working group reps agreed by MAP

Update December 2020

John Robinson CFO, Pukekohe Volunteer Fire Brigade, has been appointed as the membership’s rep on the Type 3 Appliance Acquisition working group. John will work alongside Mark Adie who is the membership’s rep on the steering group for this project. John and Mark will be supported by Bryan Styles, CFO Carterton Volunteer Fire Brigade, and Bruce Nilson, OIC, SO Tauranga Volunteer Fire Brigade.

Update end October 2020

We're looking for a UFBA membership representative for Fire and Emergency's Type 3 Appliance Acquisition Project Working Group. You'll work with Mark Adie who is our rep on the Steering Group for this project. The time commitment is an overall average of a day per month, which is less than detailed in the TOR.

The role of the Working Group is to provide operational and technical advice to the project team, and help develop core project and end-user outcomes. The Project will rely heavily on a Working Group that brings together individuals with the relevant operational and technical knowledge and skills as well as necessary relationships into the project, supporting the project to deliver on its objectives.

This important project will result in a contract award for the supply and servicing of a new Type 3 appliance model. The project also includes change management and training activities, and deployment of the first one or more appliances.

If you have skills and experience in this area, then send a brief CV to memberservices@ufba.org.nz by next Monday 16 November.