Provincial Associations

The UFBA maintains a special relationship with our Provincial partners, who are unique members of the UFBA helping to represent their local regional members.

Introducing the provincial associations

The UFBA maintains a close relationship with our Provincial Association partners who as Associate members of the UFBA, share common interests. For decades the provincial associations have been the local outreach for the UFBA and many of our officers come from provincial association executive roles. There are also Sub-Associations for some regions.

Nelson Marlborough Provincial FB Association

Nelson Marlborough Provincial Fire Brigade Association

  • President: Nigel Jackson - Blenheim
  • Vice President: Nigel Patterson – Rai Valley
  • Junior Vice President: Gawen Howard - Takaka
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Jenn Ruffell –

Please send all correspondence through the Secretary.


Canterbury Povincial

Canterbury Provincial Fire Brigades' Association 

  • Immediate Past President – Kath Love
  • President – Bruce Moffat
  • Vice President – Cath Sharp
  • Executive member year 3 – Amelia Wood
  • Executive member year 2 – Ed Anscombe
  • Executive member year 1 – Bryce Bisphan
  • Challenge Convener – Ian “Milky” White
  • Challenge Panel – Joost Keper
  • Challenge Panel – Graham Hogg
  • Challenge Panel – Ces Pacey
  • Challenge Panel – Dave Francis
  • Challenge Coordinator – Natasha Rankin
  • Secretary / Treasurer – Debs Moffat
  • Patron – Alan Coburn
  • Trustee - Robin “Sparrow” Ashby
  • Trustee - Taff Hubbard




We are a long established organisation who represent 150 Canterbury Fire Brigades, hosting challenges and advocate for our brigades at a national level. Canterbury Provincial Fire Brigades' Association first Annual meeting was held on the 24th of February 1915 at Timaru Fire station. The 50th AGM and Conference was held on the 7th of October 1966 in Hamner Springs. The 100th AGM and Conference was held on the 10th of September 2016 in Ashburton.

Auckland Provincial Fire Brigades' Association 

Taranaki Provincial Fire Brigades' Association

Wellington Provincial Fire Brigades' Association

West Coast Provincial Fire Brigades' Association

Otago/Southland Provincial Fire Brigades' Association