UFBA COVID-19 Updates and Working Group

The UFBA Vaccine Reference Group has been established to provide advice and guidance on a potential vaccine mandate for our sector. The UFBA COVID-19 Working Group provide representation at Fire and Emergency meetings discussing operational matters.


COVID-19 Vaccine Update #013: 21/12/2021


Canteens and the vaccine

Fire and Emergency have agreed to adjust the SDCPF to allow Brigades the option of using the My Vaccine Pass for their canteen and on-station events.

Brigades must operate canteens consistently with the Government’s COVID-19 Protection Framework (CPF) rules regarding hospitality, as they are considered to be a food and drink business or service.

Brigades will need to decide how many people can attend a particular canteen event and based on that decision, they need to operate within the Government’s CPF rules. This may mean the use of the My Vaccine Pass is required (depending on the number of attendees).

For example, at Orange, if the My Vaccine Pass is used there is no limit on numbers; if not used, hospitality must be contactless.

The My Vaccine Pass can be applied to a single event or multiple events, anywhere on station.

Consultation on vaccination for other roles

Consultation has begun for Fire and Emergency roles that sit outside of the Health Order mandate, such as the Brigade Support role. Findings from this consultation process may affect 349 volunteers that are currently in this role.

The UFBA have been working with Fire and Emergency to ensure there is an accurate representation of the risks associated with to this role. We are also providing recommendations on the assessment process and mitigations.

Click here for the link to the consultation information page - https://portal.fireandemergency.nz/covid-19/consultation-vaccinations-outside-health-order/


For information about the UFBA Vaccine Updates or reference group, please email covidsupport@ufba.org.nz 

For historic updates, click here https://www.ufba.org.nz/news-and-updates/latest-updates

Brigade Information

Volunteer Fire Brigade functions cannot be held in levels 3 and 4.

Volunteer Fire Brigade functions can be held in level 2.  However, these must be held off-Station and in line with Hospitality rules - https://covid19.govt.nz/activities/cafes-bars-restaurants-and-night-clubs/#cafes,-restaurants-and-bars-at-alert-level-2

Fire and Emergency SDPPPs reflect that no functions can be held on station in order to align with the other safety measures to mitigate against the spread of Covid through a whole brigade.  Minimising the number of visitors to stations enables FENZ to do this.


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UFBA COVID-19 Working Group

The UFBA maintains active representation on the FENZ Covid-19 Taskforce. Led by Harry Howard SO Greytown VFB, who represents the wider group at meetings, the group representatives cover all regions using their local networks to feedback to him on regional considerations and issues. The UFBA representatives include:

  • Graeme Booth - CFO Laingholme VFB and Past President - Te Hiku
  • Glenn Williams - CFO Te Puke VFB and Past President - Ngā Tai ki te Puku
  • Mark Osborne – SO Tawa VFB and Challenge Panel member - Te Upoko
  • Hamish Peter - CFO Rangiora VFB and VDM - Te Ihu
  • Jude Patterson - CFO Lawrence VFB - Te Kei 

If you have a particular concern or issue you would like to raise with the taskforce, please email covid19@ufba.org.nz