Find a role for you

Volunteer officials at Waterway 2019NC
UFBA volunteers contribute more than 8,000 hours a year collectively to support our services. Roles offer you a chance to build networks, improve your professional or personal development and engage closely with those across the sector.

We rely on the dedication of volunteers to support our charitable purposes in connecting, advancing, recognising and supporting all members.

Here's how you can get involved:

Help run Challenge events:

  • Local Organising Committee and hosts help us bring the events to their area and support the local logistics in running our popular events for your community. Find out more about this role here.
  • Officials and helpers keep things ticking over smoothly and safely on the tracks on the day. Register your interest in being an Official here.
  • Challenge Panel (formerly Technical Panel) oversees the running and planning of the events, led by the Challenge Panel Leader. Terms run for two years.

Join a working group, technical support group or committee

  • The UFBA is often invited to provide a volunteer or wider membership lens on new FENZ initiatives or changes. Here we will call out for representatives on behalf of the membership (we provide a terms of reference). If you would like to know more click here.

Provide support as an advocacy volunteer

  • Support volunteers provide local and on-the-ground support to those we are supporting through advocacy cases. They are senior and experienced brigade personnel offering a guide-by-your-side.

Roles requiring nomination


  • The UFBA Board of Directors are all volunteers who nominate themselves at AGMs for the role of Director. Any member is welcome to bring their professional skills to the governance team by nominating themselves for a vacancy and terms run for three years.
  • Vice President and MAP member - act as a key representative embracing and demonstrating the good values of our association. The role progresses after one year to President and then retains a further third year role as Immediate Past President on the Membership Advisory Panel (see here). This is much more than a ceremonial role, acting as a liaison connecting between members and the Board. Each year through AGM any member is welcome to nominate themselves for this role, which offers a great opportunity to travel the country representing the UFBA.
  • Past Presidents, VP and President and other former and current officers maintain an ongoing relationship with the UFBA in helping present our 25 Year Gold Star and 50 Year Service Medal honours - all will have previously been a nominated official elected at an AGM.