AGM & Conference Hui - We need your help

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Attention all members! We need your help to reach quorum.

Last year, you voted to have a 30% quorum for our AGM – this means we need at least 208 registered voting delegates to be able to go ahead with this important meeting.

You also voted for registrations to close two months prior to help us be financially responsible with member funds, which means there is less time for delegates to register.

We need your help to make this a successful event.

We know the registration process for the AGM and Emerging Leaders Conference Hui is quite different this year. We have tried to make it as simple as possible for members, while supporting the separation of the two events.

There will be no extension to the registration cut off as we need to release large amounts of accommodation to minimize financial impact.

Unfortunately, if we do not meet this quorum of 208 registered voting delegates, we will have no choice but to cancel the AGM and we will not be able to proceed with important constitutional matters such as voting on Motions or Vice President. We really do not want to do this! So please discuss this at your Brigade meeting, nominate your AGM delegate and Emerging Leader Representative, and register on our website - https://www.ufba.org.nz/events-learning/agm-and-conference-hui

If you have any questions, our lovely Events Team are always happy to help. Give them a call on 04 237 0265 or email events@ufba.org.nz

Here are a couple of the common questions we’ve been receiving that you might find helpful:

  • Q: I am a CFO and feel I would benefit from attending the Emerging Leaders Conference Hui, but I don’t meet the criteria. What can I do?
    A: The Emerging Leader Representatives are fully funded to attend. However, existing leaders, or other brigade members, are more than welcome to attend as an “Additional Representative”, at their own cost. See pages 4 and 5 of the registration pack for the costs involved. Essentially your flights are paid for but you need to self-fund your accommodation, Conference dinner and day catering.

  • Q: Why have the AGM and Conference been separated this year?
    A: It is right to separate these two events as they focus on two different aspects – AGM is all about the business and constitutional requirements of the UFBA , Conference Hui is designed to support members with personal and professional development based on the membership feedback we receive each year. Members have continuously asked for more support to help with their succession planning, which is why the Emerging Leaders Conference Hui content has been specifically chosen with our future leaders in mind.