UFBA AGM & Emerging Leaders Conference Hui - Registration Packs Out Now!

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We are excited to open registrations for our 145th AGM and our Emerging Leaders Conference Hui which will be held at the Michael Fowler Centre, 111 Wakefield Street, Wellington.

We have separated the AGM from the conference. While they are both held at the same venue, their purposes, funding, and audiences are different.

The registration packs and forms have been posted to all Member Brigades and addressed to the Secretary, to be raised at your next Brigade meeting. This pack will give more detail on the new format, including entitlements to attend each event. You can also find electronic copies on our website - https://www.ufba.org.nz/events-learning/agm-and-conference-hui

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The 145th UFBA AGM is on Friday 3 November. It is an in-person meeting, as members have requested, covering all the constitutional requirements and UFBA business.

Your brigade’s voice is essential to help shape your Association, vote for your next Vice President and consider and vote for Motions. It is still important that Member Brigades nominate their delegate to represent them at the AGM.

You may choose to have your AGM Delegate be the same person as your Emerging Leader Conference Hui Representative, this is encouraged.

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The UFBA Emerging Leaders Conference Hui on 4 & 5 November, has been redesigned based on membership feedback over the years, which made it clear that leadership and succession are important to you all.

We are asking existing leaders to identify and develop an emerging leader within your brigade by nominating them as your representative.

Check out the registration pack for the schedule and who we’ve lined up for our exciting keynote speakers!


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the UFBA Events Team – events@ufba.org.nz