FENZ consults with UFBA on changes to the Long Service and Good Conduct Medal

Issue date:

Following our AGM last year, where members voted in favour of extending the UFBA Service Honours to include the same recognition for all brigade members – operational, operational support and non-operational, the UFBA then approached Fire and Emergency to consider applying similar criteria for the Long Service and Good Conduct (LSGC) medals.

We are pleased to see that Fire and Emergency have taken this on board. They are now seeking to establish a new Fire and Emergency LSGC medal, that better reflects their current organisation, values their people and creates a modern and fit-for-purpose Warrant and Regulations under our new sovereign, King Charles III.

Fire and Emergency have recently finished consulting with Associations and Unions on their drafted Statement of Eligibility for a new Fire and Emergency LSGC Medal.

On behalf of our members, we have given our full support of this new medal and eligibility criteria, which proposed that ALL Fire and Emergency personnel - employees, volunteers and contractors are eligible while updating the terminology used to better reflect the new organisational structure.

We have also recommended that the award be extended to include fire services personnel in the Pacific Islands and Antarctica, where they receive support from the New Zealand Government for this service.

This is the first step of a lengthy process. Fire and Emergency ELT will consider the feedback and make a recommendation to the Board. Once endorsed, Fire and Emergency will commence the formal process to attain a new Royal Warrant and Regulations through Government. It is estimated it may take up to 18 months to gain approval from the Prime Minister and have the Royal Warrant signed by King Charles III.

We will keep members updated with the progress.

Kia kaha, kia kotahi ra
Our strength is our unity