FENZ Volunteer Reimbursement Payment policy adjusted

Issue date:

If you opted in for the FENZ Volunteer Annual Reimbursement, you will be aware that these were paid out in December last year.

Because the payment is made for actual expenses incurred across an entire year, volunteers who were unable to carry out their FENZ duties due to the Government's Health Order mandate did not incur FENZ-related expenses for the period of absence. Therefore, there was no entitlement for the period.

The UFBA and FENZ received a number of messages from volunteers requesting this policy be revisited. The UFBA CE worked with the FENZ CE and we have since been advised by DCE People, Janine Hearn, that FENZ recognises that all firefighters who were stood down due to the mandate had to commit extra effort to reintegrate with their brigades, therefore incurring more expenses. On that basis, all volunteers absent due to the mandate will receive the full 12-month reimbursement in due course this year.

We are pleased to hear this matter is being resolved and the affected volunteers will be compensated for the costs incurred for the additional training required to enable them to return to operational duties.